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Set your relationship up for success

The LOVE CRAFTING practice provides coaching and counselling to help you develop the skills and confidence to make positive choices in your love life and experience rich and fulfilling relationships.

We also offer online and in-person group workshops and presentations on how to strengthen relationship connections in our lives. 

Loving your partner is not just an emotion. It's a skill.

Master the art of LOVE CRAFTING so that your relationship never needs to be saved

My role as a relationship therapist and coach is to assist people to:

  • be clear on what they need in a fulfilling relationship

  • understand what influences their relationship so they can make better informed choices

  • develop the skills to navigate life with their partner through its inevitable ups and downs


I provide support to all members of the community, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle choice, religion, or cultural background.

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Contact me

Free 20-minute pre-consultation with Maja

+61 402 455 337


Thanks for reaching out!

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