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About Me

Nurturing relationships with loved ones is one of life’s greatest joys; that is what my own life experiences and lessons have taught me. 

I began life in Australia as a refugee from Europe. The stresses of starting over in a new and unfamiliar country eventually contributed to the breakdown of my parents' marriage, shining a light on how fragile relationships can be. It also highlighted for me the extent to which relationships are influenced not only by factors beyond our control but also those we can influence, like our expectations, choices and communication styles. 

As I became older, I was able to develop my interest in relationships and wellbeing by undertaking further studies, including a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and a Diploma in Counselling.

I am a curious lifelong learner, and have also pursued university studies in law and economics. Knowledge about a broad range of subjects has enabled me to understand different aspects of relationships and consider issues from a range of perspectives. This is incredibly useful when trying to understand people – their thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

My love crafting role

The relationship we have with our partner is one of the most fundamental in life and it can either bring great joy or great misery. My passion is to help people create the type of relationships with their partners which are most meaningful to them.

My work with each couple involves taking a holistic approach to understanding their relationship and the various factors that impact on it. My style is flexible and I adjust to each couple’s needs. After all, every couple has a unique vision for their relationship. Love crafting is about empowering each couple to embrace that particular vision.

Relevant qualifications:

  • Master of Applied Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne 

  • Master of Laws (Conflict Resolution and Mediation)

  • Diploma in Counselling, Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors 

About me: About Me
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