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Specialised Coaching and Counselling Sessions

20-minute pre-consultation


An informal chat to establish whether I am the right person to help you achieve your relationship goals.

Love Crafting program

$320 / 3 sessions

A structured and tailored program to equip newly committed couples to nurture their relationship into the future. Targeted at couples who are dating, or at key transition points in their relationship including, moving in together, marriage or having their first child.

Individual Couples' sessions

$130 / 1 hour

Therapy and coaching sessions for couples who feel they have lost their connection to each other. The sessions focus on developing insights and skills to address issues that are creating distance, tension or conflict.

Individual One-on-One sessions

$115 / 1 hour

Sessions with individuals wanting to understand and improve their relationship patterns so that they can form the type of connection they desire with a partner.

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