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What Clients Have Said

We felt instantly at ease with Maja. She is friendly, approachable and an excellent listener, creating a safe space to discuss what is important to us in our relationship. Through various exercises, each of the sessions covered new ground, and prompted meaningful reflections and learnings.


We found Maja's advice insightful and practical – and are confident we’ll carry these learnings long into the future.

Elizabeth and Matt

There is no relationship more important to invest in than that with your partner. Happily in a long-term marriage, Maja helped me to explore different strategies to enrich my relationship and provided valuable guidance and tools to aid in this process. She was absolutely passionate about assisting me to nurture my relationship. Her approach was open and curious, asking valuable questions to help understand my relationship and the key factors impacting it. I came away feeling energised and empowered with a clear list of actions. I received insights into some of my patterns of behaviour for further reflection. I was also inspired by suggestions of books and resources for further reading and learning.  

‘Lovecrafting’ is the perfect term. I highly recommend reaching out to Maja for anyone wanting to nurture their partner relationship over the short and long-term and everything in between.


Maja’s approach with lovecrafting has helped me understand myself further in the context of my journey with relationships, both inter and intra-personal.  
Her lovecrafting technique helped me focus on discovering the importance of communication, trust, and listening in relationships, especially when the times are down.  Being able to listen and connecting to yourself (and your other) is at the heart of lovecrafting, and the tools that Maja helps to develop are pertinent in every way to be able to connect with your partner.


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